An expert of hunting opportunities across Alaska, Billy has also guided and hunted across the U.S. and 4 continents. Working only with the highest quality outfitters, allow his experience to ensure that you experience the adventure you’ve always dreamed of. From Africa to Azerbaijan, the Rockies to the Brooks Range, whether it’s sheep or chamois, cape buffalo or bull moose, Billy can make your dream hunt a reality.

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*Note: Prices on all hunts listed do not include license, tags, personal transportation to point of outfitting, gratuities, shipment of meat/trophy home from point of outfitting. Prices subject to change.

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The Rocky Mountain elk is arguably the icon of the American West. We work with some of the very best outfitters in Colorado, New Mexico, and Idaho to offer a wide variety of western hunting experiences for the archer and firearm hunter. Experience an unforgettable “classic” elk hunting adventure by packing-in on horse and mule 10-20 miles into the wilderness and hunting out of wall tents, or stay at a 5-star lodge and hunt giant bulls on some of the largest private ranches in North America. Idaho wilderness elk hunts can be combined with trophy mule deer. Run through the September bugle season all the way to late November.

These hunts offer 350”-380” trophy potential. Guided, pack-in wilderness hunts offer 75% opportunity at branch-antlered bulls. Average bull taken is 260-275. Most bulls taken are 6 pts. Price begins at $3,900 for 2X1 up to $5,750 for 1X1.

Success on private land hunts is 90% with 300” being the average bull taken. Prices begin at $5,000 for semi-guided cabin hunts to $12,000 fully guided lodge hunts.

Mule Deer

Hunt mule deer on private land in the eastern plains of Colorado, or combine mule deer with rocky mountain elk as you hunt them on horseback in the Idaho wilderness. Trophy bucks over 200” are possible. Quality mule deer hunts like these are becoming harder to find.

Guided hunts range from $5,500- $6,400. Semi-guided hunts start at $3,450.

Mountain Goat

Mountain goats are hearty animals that live in some of the most spectacular, rugged country in North America. These 90+% successful hunts take place in Alaska or British Columbia. Hunters pursuing a mature billy need to be in sound physical and mental condition for this adventure. Late September-October is best to ensure a quality hide.

Alaska hunts are outfitted from Cordova, AK. Cost $11,500 1X1. Brown bear can be added on trophy fee basis.

British Columbia hunts can be horseback assisted. Cost $16,800 includes charter and GST.

Stone Sheep

If you’re looking to hunt Stone sheep, look no further. This area of British Columbia has a thriving sheep population. Hunter volume is low to ensure very high, typically 100%, success on mature rams. Most hunts are horseback assisted. Mountain goat, mountain caribou, Canadian moose can be added on a trophy fee basis. Hunters are expected to be in excellent physical condition.

Price $45,675 includes charter flight and GST.

Canadian Moose

The “Canadian” moose is the smaller cousin to the “Alaska-Yukon” moose. This beautiful region of British Columbia lies just shy of the boundary. Record book bulls are common, if not the standard in this region. Hunts are typically conducted by horseback, and can be combined with mountain goat and mountain caribou. Top-notch outfit, area, and guides will make for an adventure you will never forget.

Price: $19,455 includes charter flight to camp and GST

Mountain Caribou

This remote region boasts some of the finest mountain caribou hunting in North America! If you’re looking to hunt mountain caribou, this is where you need to go: Trophy quality, equipment, horses, and outfitter are superb. Combine with mountain goat, Stone sheep, and Canadian moose.

Price: $17,850 1×1, $16,275 2×1, price includes charter flight and GST.


Experience the African Safari of your dreams! From plains game to leopard, warthog to hippo, we work with some of the finest PH’s from Mozambique, Namibia, Tanzania, and more. From your classic African hunting safari with your family, to a backpack hunt in the wilderness, the options for adventure in Africa are endless!

Prices vary depending on location and species hunted.

New Zealand, Himalayan Tahr, Chamois, Red Stag, Fallow

Welcome to “The Land of Milk and Honey”, home of the “Kiwi”, and one of the greatest hunting/vacationing destination in the world! New Zealand is a melting pot of culture, warm people, excellent food, beautiful scenery, outdoor adventure of every kind, and exceptional hunting opportunities for almost every budget. Hunt packages are customized to hunters’ goals and objectives. Options included ultra-challenging backpack hunts, all the way to a helicopter-assisted/5-star lodge hunt your wife will enjoy as much as you do! Guided hunts for 100% wild tahr, chamois, and red stag begin at $4,000 for 2×1, $5,000 for 1×1. Multiple species can be added for trophy fees.

Azerbaijan, Dagestan Tur

The stunningly beautiful Caucasus Mountains are located at the intersection of Europe and Asia. These are said by many to be the steepest mountains in the world! Amidst the craggy peaks and lush alpine slopes thrive the Dagestan tur. Tur are goats. They are roughly the size of North American sheep in body and horn dimension, but their horns angle back, swoop down toward the top of the neck and curl in at the tips. A mature billy’s horns often nearly touch. This hunt is high on adventure, and at $11,500 is very moderately priced compared to similar Asian hunts. Hunters fly into Baku, Azerbaijan where an English-speaking representative meets them. This hunt is very safe, success is extremely high, and the cultural experience is exceptional.

Mexico, Desert Bighorn Sheep, Mule Deer, Coues Deer

Just south of the USA border is a hunting mecca. Northern Mexico is one of the greatest conservation success stories of modern time. The value placed on the desert bighorn sheep, mule deer, and Coues deer by international hunters has incentivized the local people to not only protect these animals, but also make great efforts to enhance their habitat. The abundant economic boost to the local economies is equal to the opportunities for sportsmen. Accommodations are extremely comfortable. The people are very hospitable, food is outstanding, hunting pressure is very low, and trophy quality/age structure is superb.

Hunters are met and assisted at point of outfitting airport by an English-speaking host and accompanied for duration of trip. All transportation is included.

Coues Deer- $5,000

Mule Deer-$10,000-$12,000

Desert Bighorn- $60,000 Sonora, $80,000 Tiburon Island