A caribou hunt is a great, affordable option to experience the Alaskan wilderness. These “wanderers of the tundra” can challenge hunters of any skill level, and offer the best option for groups of multiple hunters who wish to hunt in the same camp. Super Cub aircrafts are used to get into the most remote and scenic country that the Brooks Range has to offer. Hunters are apt to see anywhere from dozens to hundreds of caribou per day, along with grizzly bears, Dall sheep, wolves, and musk ox. Success is over 90%.

  • 7-days, $8,500 per hunter based on a 2-on-1 hunt (2 hunters, 1 guide)
  • $10,500 for 1-on-1 hunt
  • $6,000 trophy fee for grizzly bear (as on all hunts, there is no trophy fee if you shoot a wolf.)
  • 7-days, $5,200 per person


  • All prices subject to change.
  • All hunts listed do not include transportation to nearest Alaskan airport, hunting license, tags, gratuities, or shipping of trophy from Alaska to your home.