Delivering an ADVENTURE, not a presentation.

Just like the Alaskan wilderness, no one leaves a Billy Molls presentation the same person as they enter it.

Raised on a Wisconsin dairy farm, Billy Molls was born with a fascination for nature and an insatiable longing for adventure. Billy’s apprenticeship as an outdoorsman began at the age of four, as he tagged along on his grandfather’s trap line. Years later, it was Grandpa’s words that inspired Billy’s dream of venturing into The Last Frontier. “There’s places up there where man’s never been,” said the old sage, “animals that have never laid eyes on a human.”

Billy transformed his dream into reality. He has guided big game hunters across Alaska for more than two decades. Having lived more than eight years in a tent in the wilderness, Billy’s life is one of brow-raising adventure. An author and producer of the award-winning “Modern Day Mountain Man” video series, Billy is also a renowned public speaker and master storyteller. His tales of life-or-death adventure, edge-of-your-seat excitement, and soul-stirring inspiration are sure to resonate deep within every audience. 





Nothing sets the tone or establishes the theme of an event better than a personal story that resounds deep within the most basic of human values and emotion. With fewer and fewer people “connected” to nature, audiences of all ages are certain to be engaged and mesmerized by Billy’s extraordinary understanding of the natural world, and his astounding experiences within it.


The inherent danger and extreme solitude of the Alaskan wilderness are both enticing, and intimidating. As a professional guide, Billy’s number one priority is safety. Despite a perfect client safety record, Billy has found himself in several grossly uncomfortable circumstances, not to mention a few narrow escapes from death. Rarely does one enjoy a “safety presentation”, but Billy’s safety message is so compelling it is certain to not be forgotten.

“Billy is… unlike most of those ‘snooze-fest’ speakers we usually have…” 

– Jim Peirson, Lakeside Foods Inc.


Having led more than 300 successful expeditions in some of the most rugged, unforgiving wildernesses in the world, Billy shares a fascinating, unique, and proven approach to leadership. While your attendees may never encounter a charging grizzly or crashed airplane, they most certainly will never forget those strategies and techniques used to adapt and overcome.

“Every story kept us engaged and wanting more. Without a doubt, each person in attendance was stirred and left thinking of their next adventure! Well done from beginning to end!”  

– Brian Chitwood, “Guy Challenge” Committee


Storytelling is arguably the world’s oldest art form. The “art” lies in the ability to most effectively communicate one’s message to the broadest audience possible. What distinguishes Billy from other speakers is his ability to eloquently condense his comprehensive understanding of nature, combine that knowledge with his countless remarkable adventures, and craft a message with a strong human element or emotion. Women, non-hunters, and “city slickers” are often most spellbound by Billy’s relatability and honest portrayal of nature.


Adventure begins when things go wrong; every hunt in Alaska is mostly certainly an adventure. Whether it’s hiking 20 miles out of the mountains after running out of food, or weathering-out five days of rain, sleet, snow, and gale-force winds, sooner or later every Alaskan hunter finds himself staring at a seemingly impossible obstacle. Much of Billy’s success in the field stems from his ability to relate with his clients, reconnect them to their core motives, and lead them beyond their perceived limitations to new levels of accomplishment.


Everything in nature receives from nature, and gives back to nature. As humans, we should be no different. With his vast hunting experience and time spent in the wilderness, Billy is roughly 947 “hunting years” old. A presentation by Billy Molls for your conservation group or wild game feed is guaranteed to be as popular as a rifle giveaway.

“We’ve never had a speaker connect so well with an audience, and then tie the message back so fluently with our mission.” 

– Andrea Blaeser, Boy Scouts of America


Few things in life are more inspiring than the eternal life cycle and balance of nature. And like every living creature in nature, every person on this earth has a unique gift to share with the world. Encouraging and inspiring others to seek and pursue their passion through his adventures and life experiences is Billy’s specialty.


Billy attended a Christian church throughout his youth. He left with little to no understanding of what he actually “believed”. Because of his experiences in the wilderness of Alaska, Billy’s Christian faith is now central in his life: Billy has survived grizzly charges. An experience with a moose calf delivered him from a two-year bout with depression. The day Billy’s wife gave birth to their youngest daughter while Billy was 3,000 miles away in the Brooks Range Mountains was the greatest day of his life. Billy is the first to admit that it was only by faith that he had the courage to hold on to his client as they nearly drowned in a raging river.  Billy’s passion to share the Gospel, particularly to outdoorsmen and women, is his utmost passion.

“Billy is totally engaging to young and old, down-to-earth, honest, open, personal. Presentations are effortless, natural: exciting stories, feelings, real-life lessons in an entertaining way. There’s little sense of time passing as he speaks.” 

– Pastor Steve Miller, Pipe Lake Church.

Billy Molls, delivering life-changing adventure one presentation at a time.