Perhaps no other animal symbolizes the wide-open wilderness of Alaska better than a giant bull moose. Super Cubs land on ridge tops and all hunting is conducted on foot, thereby all but eliminating competition from resident hunters. Unlike most moose country, the terrain is mostly firm and semi-open, which is conducive to spot-and-stalk hunting and makes for a very enjoyable experience. Most bulls are called-in, as the rut is typically in full swing. After a trophy bull is down, packers are flown in to help pack out the meat to allow the hunter time to find a grizzly or black bear. Guided success typically hovers around 90%, average bull is over 60 inches with most bulls having excellent mass and multiple brow points.

  • 1×1, 10-days, $30,000-$35,000, with $10,000 trophy fee if grizzly is taken, $5,000 if caribou is taken.

All prices subject to change.

All hunts listed do not include transportation to nearest Alaskan airport, hunting license, tags, gratuities, or shipping of trophy from Alaska to your home.