The River



In every river flows the life-blood of a wilderness. For the adventurer, a river can be his best friend or his mortal enemy. If we don’t embrace and respect it, our day of reckoning will come.

Life is like a river: In every oxbow, sandbar, confluence, and cutbank, God has a purpose. If it were a straight, line-of-sight shot, it would be as empty and useless as a guide’s pocketbook. In every turn, every lesson learned, every conversation shared, every failure and triumph, we find patience and perseverance.

As we surrender our lives to God as water surrenders to gravity, we discover the consistency to carve granite, the power to give life to those around us, and the boldness to change the world.

2 hours 50 mins.

Call (715) 220-6733 to order by phone.

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