Every hunter yearns for adventure that can only be found in the untouched wilds of North America’s Last Frontier. Whether it’s forging deep into the mountains in search of Dall sheep, calling rut-crazed bull moose to a riverbank, or matching wits with the ever-intelligent and dangerous grizzly, I can help make your dream hunt a reality. Having guided in Alaska for the past 20 years, I hunt in some of the most remote and game-rich areas of the state for Dall sheep, caribou, moose, brown bear, and grizzly bear (wolf and wolverine may also be taken incidentally). While there are no guarantees that you will shoot a 70-inch moose, a 10-foot bear, or a 40-inch ram on these fair chase hunts, I will do everything in my power to keep you safe and ensure that your Alaskan adventure exceeds your expectations.

As a young boy growing up on a Wisconsin dairy farm, I too imagined what it would be like to hunt in Alaska. Fortunately, I have lived more than seven years of my life in a tent amidst the wilderness I once only dreamed of. There are no words to describe the exhilaration when you finally crest that mountain and find a full curl ram in your scope, the excitement when the grunt of a bull moose breaks the frosty morning stillness and he strikes his massive antlers against a willow bush, the overwhelming force of nature as you witness herds of caribou stretched across the tundra from horizon to horizon as they begin their fall migration, or experience an indescribable instinctive awareness as you scan the alders in search of that giant grizzly or brown bear.

Allow my experience to work for you and enjoy some of the best hunting Alaska has to offer!




Billy Molls Alaska CaribouA caribou hunt is a great, affordable option to experience the Alaskan wilderness. These “wanderers of the tundra” can challenge hunters of any skill level, and offer the best option for groups of multiple hunters who wish to hunt in the same camp. Super Cub aircrafts are used to get into the most remote and scenic country that the Brooks Range has to offer. Hunters are apt to see anywhere from dozens to hundreds of caribou per day, along with grizzly bears, Dall sheep, wolves, and musk ox. Two trophy bulls maybe taken on this hunt. Success is over 95%.

Price:Billy Molls Alaska Hunting Guide Caribou

  • Guided: 7-days, $9,000 per hunter based on a 2-on-1 hunt (2 hunters, 1 guide), $11,500 for a 1-on-1 hunt. $6,000 trophy fee for grizzly bear (as on all hunts, there is no trophy fee if you shoot a wolf.)

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Perhaps no other animal symbolizes the wide-open wilderness of Alaska better than a giant bull moose. I believe these hunts are the absolute best in the entire state. This area also boasts some fantastic grizzly hunting. A record-book moose and a record-book grizzly is a definite possibility on these hunts! Super Cubs land on ridge tops and all hunting is conducted on foot, thereby all but eliminating competition from resident hunters. Unlike most moose country, the terrain is mostly firm and semi-open, which is conducive to spot and stalk hunting and makes for a very enjoyable experience. Most bulls are called-in, as the rut is typically in full swing. After a trophy bull is down, packers are flown in to help pack out the meat to allow the hunter time to find a grizzly or black bear. Guided success is over 90%, unguided success is 85%, average bull is over 60 inches with most bulls having excellent mass and multiple brow points.

Billy Molls Alaskan Moose


  • Guided 1x1: 10-days, $23,000 moose, $6,000 grizzly trophy fee, wolf no trophy fee
  • Unguided: Ridgetop hunt- 10-days, $10,000. Boat hunt 10-days $5,650 plus gas.

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Dall Sheep


Dall sheep hunts are certainly one of the most physically demanding found any where in the world, but the rewards far exceed the rigors. These hunts are extremely remote. Drink water right from the streams and experience the humbling isolation of some truly “wild” country. In my opinion, the Brooks Range is the most beautiful of Alaska’s mountain ranges. Super cubs are used to access the deepest canyons where rams are typically found in bachelor groups and hunted on foot. Spike camps are utilized with 5-20 miles of walking per day. Average ram is 35 inches and success is 85%. Caribou and grizzly can be added for trophy fees.


  • Guided 1X1: 10-days, $23,000, $2,500 caribou trophy fee, $6,000 grizzly trophy fee, wolf no trophy fee

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Alaska Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear


While they are not as big as brown bear, grizzlies are typically more aggressive and very challenging and exciting to hunt. Fantastic grizzly hunting can be found in various regions of the state, and depending on a hunters choosing, can be combined with moose, Dall sheep, or caribou hunts. All hunting is spot and stalk. Most shots are up close and personal. Success varies from 80%-95% depending on area. Average size is 7 ½ -foot up to 9-foot.Alaska Grizzly Bear


  • Guided 1x1: 10-Days $16,000, caribou trophy fee $2,500, wolf no trophy fee

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Brown Bear

April-May, October

Brown BearBrown BearBrown BearIf I had to choose the classic North American big game hunt, it would be a brown bear hunt. These giant omnivores live in spectacular coastal environments and can weigh up to 1,500 pounds! I guide on the Alaska Peninsula, which is home to some of the largest brown bears in the world. Spring hunts take place as the bears are coming out of their dens and boars are looking to rut. Fall hunts are conducted at the end of the salmon spawns while bears are typically concentrated on streams as they ready themselves for another winter of hibernation. Hunts are tailored to suit each individual hunter. I have personally seen over 30 different bears in one day! 10-foot bears are taken every year. Hunters have enjoyed 100% opportunity. Bears average 9 ½-foot. While the bears aren’t as big or as numerous as on the Alaska Peninsula, Southwest Alaska offers a more affordable brown bear option. Opportunity is still very high; a good hunt for a very reasonable price.


  • Guided 1x1: Alaska Peninsula 10-days, spring or fall $28,500.
    SW Alaska spring hunt 10-days, $15,500.

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Billy Molls Alaska Hunting Guide*All prices subject to change.
*All hunts listed do not include transportation to nearest Alaskan airport, hunting license, tags, gratuities, or shipping of trophy from Alaska to your home.

If you are ready to experience your very own Alaskan adventure, feel free to contact me. I’ll be happy to make your dream hunt a reality!

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