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Alaska And Me - Billy Molls

  • Hardcover, 304 pages with 31 pages of color photos

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They say, “Alaska gets in your blood." I say, “Wait ‘til she consumes your heart and soul.”

Armed with a backpack, a rifle, and a dream, a farm boy from the Midwest headed north to become a hunting guide in the Alaskan wilderness. After 15 years and thousands of nights spent in the “bush”, Billy Molls has guided countless hunters across the state, experiencing riveting adventures in the pursuit of moose, Dall sheep, grizzly bear, brown bear, caribou, and wolf. The Last Frontier has given him the adventure he yearned for, accompanied by an education and shift in his worldview that he didn't expect.

With tales of record--‐class trophies, grizzly bear encounters, airplane wrecks, and his heartfelt appreciation for the land and its wildlife, Billy paints an Alaskan portrait unlike any writer of his time. 

Alaska is adventure we all dream of, but Billy Molls dared to pursue it. From his humble beginnings, following in his grandpa’s footsteps as a trapper, Billy has emerged as one of Alaska’s premier guides in this wild and unforgiving land. Join today’s Modern Day Mountain Man as he takes us through some of his many astounding and hair--‐raising experiences in this must read book.

- Bill "Bearcrazy" Wiesner 

If you enjoy hunting at any level, this book is an absolute must read. I have Known Billy Molls for many years and he is the real deal when it comes to putting hunters in front of record--‐class Alaskan big game animals. No big ego with Billy, just a hard--‐core guide with a passion for the hunt. Another of Billy’s unique qualities is his detailed, and sometimes comical, writing style. He makes you feel as though you are the one confronting the elements, toting the weapon, getting exhilarated, and taking the shot.

John Eberhart – Author of 3 bow hunting for whitetails books and freelance writer